Aluminium Fencing

Clever Slat or LouvrLAT

Whether you use as a boundary fence, gate, or privacy screen, side access block-off, the Clever Slat or Louvre style aluminium fencing offers a durable, smart option for a new smart look.


Picket Fencing

Unlike traditional timber picket
fences steel picket never needs paintbrush application, just a periodic wash down to maintain its finish. It won’t rot, warp or deteriorate as timber picket fences can. Pickets can be either face welded or punched through the rail for a stronger, stylish construction if ever hit or vandalised. A traditional look that
lasts.  Choose from Pre-Gal or DuraBOND®


TimberSlat Fencing

Dunn & Farrugia’s TimberSlat™ fencing and gates are a great, durable alternative to natural wood. Manufactured from 75×16 aluminium slats, powder coated with a woodgrain finish and backed by a 10 warranty. Guaranteed to last!

Designs can include louvered slats or horizontal slats with varied spacing’s to allow minimum or maximum privacy. Choose from stainless steel or powder coated black fittings (hinges, d latch and drop bolts).

TimberSlat™ can be installed between brick pillars, as a boundary fence, as a privacy screen around air conditioners, pool filters, garbage bins, indoor or outdoors.